New and old site

With the new site active, the old site is no longer to be used It is only being kept up while the codeshare flights are transferred to the updated codeshare module. Once that is completed the old site will cease to exist. There are so many bells and whistles in the new design that you will never get bored. The new site will of course be continued to worked on and improved with new additions added.

As it is our 11th birthday pireps continue to be given the traditional double hours for the month of August.

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PIREPS working again

Well after a major problem of the pireps not working like they should have. I am glad to say that the problem has been fixed and pireps can be filed normally again. This problem was one I wish had not occurred as it put us back from where i had hoped we would be by now, it also took me away from getting the codeshares into the codeshare module. So that will now move forward and get done asap.

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Codeshare module updated

The codeshare module has been updated. I am not going through the process of importing all the codeshare flights into it. This might take some time, but hopefully not too long. Please let me know if you know of any codeshare flights we don’t have but MAS or one of the airlines within MVA operate.

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Currently I am working on updating the codeshare module to version 2. It will mean a few changes. The flight numbers will appear from the airline that operates them. MAS’ code and flight numbers will also appear, but you will be able to view and when flying on the new site when it is released, the airline logo will show up on t he acars mape. There will also be a list of airlines that MAS codeshares with. I hope you like the new updated part of the site and fly a few codeshare flights too.

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The release of our new site will not be till around August, with a hopeful launch on the 10th anniversary of MVA. There is going to be more bells and whistles to it. Which I hope everyone enjoys.

The forum has had a slight change. The colours have changedd a bit, but we now allow members to sign up with their discord account. When you make a post, upload a file or a screenshot to the gallery they will send a post to the discord server to the respective channels. I hope to look into allowing logins to the main site with discord in the future.

This blog is for updates to all goings on at MVA, I hope to keep it updated more then I have done in the past.

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New site design

The new site design is going into production on the 6th of april. It will be an exciting new design, and new way of viewing MVA. Most of what you are used to will be located in the crew center. Acars systems will be useable still on the new system. We also have more secure site, and hope that it builds trust with you. We will have more events especially with JALVirtual and MYvACC.

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Site update

There is a new site format coming in the next couple of months. It will have a different layout but no changes to login or anything will occur. A full backup will be taken prior to launch of the new site.

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Schedule Update

The schedules are going to be updated over the next few weeks. This will have some schedules move to the MVclassic schedules and some new routes. Also in the work is an update on the fleet. I am going to have a schedule version system, and this will be schedule V1.1. I will work out how to put that on the home page so when the version number increases you will know that the schedules have been updated. I hope to get back to having the most up to date schedules in this VA.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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